The Sunday Morning Yeshiva is on hiatus and will resume April 19th

Daf Yomi Sunday - Thursday: 9:20 PM. Ma'ariv Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 PM
Thursday night Day Yomi with Cholent, led by Yitzy Weinberg resumes April 16th

Tuesday, March 31st: Dr. Raphie Kellman's class and Rabbi Meir Fund's Classes are on hiatus until after Pesach, and resume April 14th


Pesach Sponsorships
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Thursday, April 2nd - B’DIKAT CHOMETZ
Search for Chometz                             8:05 PM

Friday, April 3rd  - EREV PESACH (Fast of the First Born)
Chometz not eaten after                       10:55 AM 
Chometz burned                                  11:51 AM
Candle lighting                                      7:04 PM
Mincha/Yom Tov Services                  6:35 PM
Begin the Seder at                                 8:00 PM
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Saturday, April 4th – 1st DAY PESACH
Morning Service                                  10:00 AM
Kids Program                                     10:00 - 12 Noon
                                                        led by Aviva Massarof

Cake and wine Kiddush follows services, sponsored by Sheila Schlosser in honor of the yahrzeit of her mother
Mincha /Yom Tov Services                  7:00 PM
Candle lighting no earlier than              8:06 PM
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Begin Counting the Omer (p.312, Artscroll Sfard)

Sunday, April 5th – 2nd DAY PESACH
Morning Services                                10:00 AM
Kids Program                                     10:00 - 12 Noon
                                                        led by Aviva Massarof

Cake and wine Kiddush follows services, sponsored by Allison Fields in honor of the yahrzeit of her grandmother Malka bas Mordechai Lev
Mincha                                                7:05 PM
Yom Tov ends                                     8:07 PM

Thursday, April 9th – EREV 7th DAY of PESACH (Eruv Tavshillin)
Candle lighting                                      7:10 PM
Mincha/Yom Tov Services                    7:10 PM

7th night Pesach Dinner with Rabbi Avraham Newman
$40 Members/$50 Non-Members; Prices will go up $5 after Wednesday, April 1st. Reserve below
Following dinner, please join us at the Shul at 11:00 PM as we walk to the 79th Street Boat Basin for the “Splitting of the Sea,” a Carlebach Shul tradition that brings to life the story of the splitting of the Red Sea, which we will read in Friday morning April 10th’s Torah portion
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Friday, April 10th – 7th DAY of PESACH
Morning Services                                   9:00 AM
Kids Program                                       10:00 - 12 Noon
                                                           led by Aviva Massarof

Candle lighting                                      7:11 PM
Mincha/Yom Tov Services                    7:10 PM                                    

Saturday, April 11th   – 8th DAY of PESACH
Morning Services                                   9:00 AM
Kids Program                                        10:00 - 12 Noon
                                                           led by Aviva Massarof

Yiskor                                     Approx. 11:30 AM
●●Mincha/Moshiach Meal               5:45 PM
We provide the Matzah and Grape Juice; you provide the food
Yom Tov Ends                                        8:13 PM
Chometz can be eaten after                     9:45 PM


Friday April 24th - Shabbat Dinner with Rabbi Naftali Citron and Rabbi Hershel Reichman
Rabbi Hershel Reichman is one of the foremost expounders of the teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. Rabbi Reichman also teaches Chassidic thought, with an emphasis on the teachings of the Shem mi’Shmuel. In honor of Yom Ha'Atzmaut, his topic will be: Teachings of the Rav, Rabbi Soloveitchik, on the holiness of Eretz Yisroel and the unique mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel.
$40 members; $50 non-members ; $5 discount if reserved by Wednesday, April 22nd
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Youth Program: Please bring your kids every Shabbat morning to our children’s program – featuring storytelling, prizes, and more fun!  This children’s program runs every Shabbat and holiday at The Carlebach Shul, with a variety of leaders that kids love.

Carlebach Shul Infoline: Dial 212-580-2391 and press “2” to hear information about our services and classes.

The Carlebach Shul Bikur Cholim Committee is available to help Carlebach Shul members in need of a Shabbos meal, or who may need a visit. Please call the Shul at 212-580-2391 or e-mail Rabbi Avraham Newman at or Miriam Suchoff at

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