Daf Yomi Sunday - Tuesday: 9:20 - 10:00 PM. Ma'ariv Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 PM

Tuesday, March 3rd: Shabbat- The Kabbalistic Insight and the Halachic Roadmap to Re-enchant Ordinary Life - with Dr. Raphie Kellman. This series of classes is a rare opportunity to learn about the real meaning of Shabbat and a golden opportunity to enrich your life.
8:30 PM – 9:45 PM,
Free dinner before the class at 8:15 PM

On Tuesdays at 7:00PM, Rabbi Meir Fund teaches A Touch of Kabbalah/Sefer Derech Hashem
At 8:00 PM, join Rabbi Meir Fund for A Taste of Torah/The Chassidic Masters.

Wednesday, March 4th at 1:00 AM is your last chance to make discounted reservations for this week's Shabbat dinner with Rabbi Naftali Citron. Click here to reserve

Wednesday, March 4th: Ta'anit Esther
Fast Begins at 5:04 AM
Mincha at 5:30 PM
Maariv at 6:20 PM, Megillah at 6:30 PM
Purim Festival with Soulfarm at 9:00 PM
$20 in advance; $30 at the Door - Click here to Reserve

Our Daf Yomi Group will not meet this Wednesday night.

Thursday March 5th
Shachris at 9:00 AM, Megillah at 9:45 AM
Purim Kids Festival at Noon - Carnival stations games costume making; Children friendly food and refreshments
$10 in advance, $15 at the door per person. Click here to reserve

Seudah at 5:00 PM - Featuring surprinse live entertainment!
$15 in advance, $20 at the door; Sponsors welcome - Click here to Reserve

Join us Thursday nights 7:30 - 9:00 PM for Biblical Hebrew Grammar with Gavriel Wasserman
for the Series

Thursday Night, March 5th: Daf Yomi with Chulent taught by Yitzy Weinberg will NOT meet this week. Our regular Daf Yomi group will meet, at 9:20 PM.  
Ma'ariv at 10:00 PM

Friday, Marh 6th: Light Shabbat candles at 5:34 PM. Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat, will begin at 5:45 PM.

Friday, March 6th: Shabbat Dinner with Rabbi Naftali Citron
$40 members; $50 non-members; $5 discount if reserved by March 4th
Click here to Reserve

Shabbat, March 7th: Our Monthly Meditative Service meets from 9:00-10:30 AM. A Bagels & Whitefish Kiddush follows Service, sponsorship still available.
Shabbat morning services will begin at 9:15 AM.
A Drasha will be given byRabbi Naftali Citron.
A youth program will meet from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM led this week by Laura Csillag
Kiddush following services, sponsored by sponsored by Janet and Stan Broome in memory of Janet's father Milton Reisman (מרדכי בן דניאל ).
Rabbi Naftali Citron teaches a Pre-Mincha Shiur at 2:00 PM. Topic: Secrets of the Rambam Part IV
Mincha will be at 5:20 PM, followed by Seudah Shelishit, sponsorship is still available.

Sunday, March 8th: Join us for the Sunday Morning Yeshiva at 11:00 AM, featuring learning with Rabbi Avraham Newman, followed by a video of Reb Shlomo’s teachings. Video will begin promptly at 12:00 PM


Friday March 13th: Dinner in memory of Rabbi Eli Chaim Carlebach and in honor of Shabbat Across America - with Rabbi Sholom Brodt
$40 members; $50 non-members; $5 discount if reserved by March 11th
Click here to Reserve

Reb Eli Chaim, as he was affectionately referred to, was a warm and caring presence in the life of The Carlebach Shul. Reb Eli Chaim opened up the lost world of the Chassidic masters by his institutes publishing of encyclopedias of chassidut. Please join the family and friends of Reb Eli Chaim for this Shabbos. We are proud to join thousands of Jews at hundreds of synagogues across North America to celebrate what unifies all Jews – Shabbat!  Rabbi Sholom Brodt is the founder and director of Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo in Jerusalem. The Yeshiva serves young adults of various backgrounds and denominations and offers them a learning setting that nourishes both the soul and the mind. Sholom first met Reb Shlomo in 1963 at a concert and received smicha from him in 1989. Sholom was educated at the Chabad yeshiva in Montreal and at other yeshivot in Toronto and Jerusalem. Sholom received his BA from Concordia University in Montreal and his MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University in New York. Sholom has been working in formal and informal Jewish education for over thirty years and has gained deep and broad experience teaching both adults and youth in Jewish communities across America.

Youth Program: Please bring your kids every Shabbat morning to our children’s program – featuring storytelling, prizes, and more fun!  This children’s program runs every Shabbat and holiday at The Carlebach Shul, with a variety of leaders that kids love.

Carlebach Shul Infoline: Dial 212-580-2391 and press “2” to hear information about our services and classes.

The Carlebach Shul Bikur Cholim Committee is available to help Carlebach Shul members in need of a Shabbos meal, or who may need a visit. Please call the Shul at 212-580-2391 or e-mail Rabbi Avraham Newman at or Miriam Suchoff at

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