Daf Yomi Sunday-Thursday 9:20-10PM. Ma'ariv Sunday - Thursday: 10 PM

Tuesday, January 27th:: Tuesday Night Learning Program Dr. Raphie Kellman
Shabbat-The Kabbalistic Insight and the Halachic Roadmap to Re-enchant Ordinary Life
This series of classes is a rare opportunity to learn about the real meaning of Shabbat and a golden opportunity to enrich your life.
8:30 PM – 9:45 PM;
Free dinner before the class at 8:15 PM

On Tuesdays at 7:00PM, Rabbi Meir Fund teaches A Touch of Kabbalah/Sefer Derech Hashem
At 8:00 PM, join Rabbi Meir Fund for A Taste of Torah/The Chassidic Masters.

Thursday Night, January 29th: Daf Yomi with Chulent taught by Yitzy Weinberg at 9:10 PM.  
Ma'ariv at 10:00 PM.

Friday, January 30th: Light Shabbat candles at 4:51 PM. Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat, led this week by Yehuda Green, will begin at 5:05 PM. A Drasha will be given by Rabbi Naftali Citron.

Shabbat, January 31st: Shabbat morning services will begin at 9:15 AM. A Drasha will be given by Rabbi Naftali Citron.
A youth program will meet from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM led this week bt Laura Csillag.
Kiddush following services, sponsorship is still available.
A Pre-Mincha Shiur meets at 2:00 PM, given this week by Rabbi Naftali Citron.
Mincha will be at 4:40 PM, followed by Seudah Shelishit, sponsorship is still available.

Sunday, February 1st: Join us for the Sunday Morning Yeshiva at 11:00 AM, featuring learning with Rabbi Avraham Newman, followed by a video of Reb Shlomo’s teachings. Video will begin promptly at 12:00 PM


Save The Date:  Tu Bshvat Seder: Tuesday February 3rd  at 6:45 PM
Musical Seder with Rabbi Naftali Citron, Noah Solomon
Light meal and festive platters with15 different fruits
$30 if paid by January 25th,, $35 at the door
Rabbi Naftali Citron, host; Libby Dreisinger, Chairperson
Click here to reserve

Friday, February 6th: Shabbat Dinner with Rabbi Naftali Citron and Neila Carlebach
$40 members; $50 non-members; $5 discount if reserved by Wednesday, February 4th
Click here to reserve

The Carlebach Shul is excited to host Neshama Carlebach on Friday, February 20th for words of inspiration as we welcome the month of Adar. Neshama will be talking about "Finding the depth of your Joy". Services begin at 5:30PM at the Carlebach Shul (305 West 79th Street). A dinner for members of the shul will follow services. Advanced reservations are required.

Youth Program: Please bring your kids every Shabbat morning to our children’s program – featuring storytelling, prizes, and more fun!  This children’s program runs every Shabbat and holiday at The Carlebach Shul, with a variety of leaders that kids love.

Carlebach Shul Infoline: Dial 212-580-2391 and press “2” to hear information about our services and classes.

The Carlebach Shul Bikur Cholim Committee is available to help Carlebach Shul members in need of a Shabbos meal, or who may need a visit. Please call the Shul at 212-580-2391 or e-mail Rabbi Avraham Newman at or Miriam Suchoff at

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