Daf Yomi Sunday - Thursday: 9:20 PM. Ma'ariv Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 PM

The Sunday Morning Yeshiva is on Summer hiatus.

Dr. Raphie Kellman's Tuesday night class is on summer hiatus and resumes in the fall.

Rabbi Meir Fund's classes are on hiatus and resume in the fall.

Thursday, August 27th: Daf Yomi with Chulent with Yitzy Weinberg: 9:10 PM
Ma'ariv at 10:00 PM

Friday, August 28th: Light Shabbat candles at 7:17 PM. Mincha, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat services, will begin at that time.

Shabbat, August 29th: Shabbat morning services will begin at 9:15 AM. A youth program will meet from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, led this week by Keith Dumont. A Drasha will be given by Rabbi Naftali Citron.
Kiddush following services, sponsorship is still available.
At 6:05 PM Rabbi Citron teaches the third part of his new Shabbat afternoon lecture series, The Account of Creation in Sefer Yetzira.
Mincha meets at 7:05 PM, Followed by Seudah Shelishit, sponsorship is still available.


Selichot with Yehuda Green: Saturday Night September 5th. Click here for details

High Holidays with Rabbi Naftali Citron and Yehuda Green
Rosh Hashanah: September 13th - September 15th
First Night Rosh Hashanah Dinner- Sunday, September 13th
Second Night Rosh Hashanah Dinner (Special guest R' Shmuley Boteach) - Monday, September 14th  
Please note: A $5 discount per meal will be automatically applied to all reservations made before 1 AM Monday, September 7th. Final reservations are due in office Wednesday, September 9th
Yom Kippur: Tuesday, September 22nd - Wednesday, 23rd

Book of Remembrance:  Remember your loved ones in this year’s “Yizkor Book” for only $18 per name. To order, please click here. The deadline for inclusion in the Yizkor Book is September 3rd.

High Holiday seating and meal reservations are now available online

Youth Program: Please bring your kids every Shabbat morning to our children’s program – featuring storytelling, prizes, and more fun!  This children’s program runs every Shabbat and holiday at The Carlebach Shul, with a variety of leaders that kids love.

Carlebach Shul Infoline: Dial 212-580-2391 and press “2” to hear information about our services and classes.

The Carlebach Shul Bikur Cholim Committee is available to help Carlebach Shul members in need of a Shabbos meal, or who may need a visit. Please call the Shul at 212-580-2391 or e-mail Rabbi Avraham Newman at or Miriam Suchoff at

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