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Yom Hashoah: A 70-Year Perspective

All are welcome Sunday April 19th,
4:00 - 7:00 PM

at The Carlebach Shul


Yom Hashoah: A 70-Year Perspective

Violin playing as people arrive: Stephanie Kurtzman

4:00 Welcome by Julie Borla (2nd Generation)

4:10 Introduction of speaker and Kindertransport
Karen Sutton

4:20 Through the lens of Ruth Zimbler,
former Kindertransport child

4:45 Movie clip "My Knees were Shaking"
(documentary on the Kindertransport)

5:00 Michael Taylor’s story about the French Resistance

5:25 Musical Interlude by Stephanie Kurtzman

5:30 "In the 70 years, lessons learned/unlearned" 
        Shannon Taylor (2nd Generation)

5:45 “Open Mike” for survivors and for the 2nd & 3rd Generation

6:00 A Tribute to Joe Lender
Rafi Friedman

Kaddish by Rabbi Naftali Citron

Refreshments…Personal Discussions

This program is dedicated in memory of Joe Lender


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