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UPDATED 05/01/16

May 4th:
Yom HaShoah
“They Did More Than Pray: Orthodox Rescuers”

Friday, May 6th: Shabbat Dinner with Sharon Freundel and Rabbi Naftali Citron Weekly Schedule

Wednesday, May 4th
5:30 - 7:30 PM

Yom Hashoah 2016 – “They Did More Than Pray: Orthodox Rescuers”

The Stories of American Orthodox Jews who saved their brethren from near total annihilation is yet to receive public recognition and honor. The Vaad Hatzalah, based in New York, operated a network of agents and branches from Switzerland to Slovakia. Breaking religious and civil laws, these heroic men and women snatched 1000’s of Jews from the claws of Himmler himself! Rescue Activists, Rav Kotler, Kalmanowitz and Silver stopped at nothing to save a life. They believed that action was needed… even stronger then prayer.

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Friday, May 6th: Shabbat Dinner with Sharon Freundel and Rabbi Naftali Citron

Please note: A $5 discount per meal will be deducted from all reservations made before 1 AM Wednesday, May 4th.
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Many people have said there is no experience like a Carlebach Shul experience! The late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach zt"l , scholar, composer, and friend to so many, knew that in order to reach people it was not enough to tell them about Judaism. In an atmosphere of warmth and joy, he dedicated himself to bringing the experience of Torah to Jews of all ages and affiliations.

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