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The Carlebach Shul's Shabbos/Yom Tov meal reservations policy:

The Carlebach Shul strives to provide a beautiful experience for everyone participating in our meals on Shabbat or Yom Tov.  In order to plan meals in an effective manner, avoid substantial price increases, and provide needed information to our staff and caterer in a timely fashion,  we seek the cooperation of our friends and guests. Meal discounts are available (on most occasions) for those who reserve (and pay) online at least three (3) days in advance of the meal.  This means (for example) that paid reservations made by no later than Tuesday night for a Shabbos meal will receive the discount.  Those who reserve later are welcome , but we cannot offer a price reduction.  All reservations for meals must be made, however,  no later than by noon the day before the meal (Thursday reservations for Shabbos meals), if room still is available. Online reservation capability will be removed from our website on Thursday afternoon, and phone reservation requests cannot be accepted on Thursday evenings or Friday. Our food order will be given to the caterer on Thursday afternoon.

Knowing (at a reasonable time) the number of guests we expect will greatly enhance our ability to serve you better and will protect us from passing increases in cost that we are experiencing along to you for as long as possible. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

Unless otherwise indicated, prices for meals are *$50
(Members: *$40)
*$5 discount available if reserved by the Wednesday before the dinner (unless otherwise specified.)
Out-of-town guests and all newcomers pay MEMBER prices.
No-shows will be billed. No refund for Friday cancellations.


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